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SIPP Culture



Application Deadline: August 1, 2024

The Mississippi Center for Cultural Production is an approach and resource for cultivating thriving communities. Based in the rural South, “Sipp Culture” is honoring the history and building the future of our own community of Utica, MS.

Sipp Culture supports community development from the ground up through cultural production focused on self-determination and agency designed by us and for us. We believe that history, culture, and food affirm our individual and collective humanity. So, we are strengthening our local food system, advancing health equity, and supporting rural artistic voices – while activating the power of story – all to promote the legacy and vision of our hometown. 

At the core of it all, is the unwavering belief that gathering and sharing local stories is the best way to support safe and thriving communities for the future. 

Honoring growth, story, and imagination is an approach that can cultivate healthy and equitable places everywhere. For us, it all starts here in Utica.

4 weeks

Duration : 

Start Date :

March 30, 2025

Setting : 


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