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Writer's Conference 2023 - Paris, France

In July 2023, La Maison Baldwin proudly hosted 24 talented writers and esteemed faculty members in Paris for an enriching week-long residency. This special gathering was dedicated to celebrating and reflecting upon James Baldwin's monumental literary legacy, set against the backdrop of a city that greatly influenced his work and life.

Highlights of the Residency:


Participants engaged in intensive workshops designed to hone their craft, share their narratives, and explore new dimensions of storytelling. These sessions provided invaluable insights into the art of writing, guided by the expertise of accomplished faculty members.

Cultural Excursions: 

The residency was enriched by a series of cultural excursions across Paris, allowing participants to experience the city's vibrant artistic and historical sites. These outings were not only recreational but deeply educational, offering a unique lens through which to view Paris — through the impactful stories of Black American expatriates who have found a home in this iconic city.

Fellowship and Reflection: 

Amidst the poignant backdrop of social justice discussions, sparked by the tragic events surrounding the murder of Nahel M. by police, the residency fostered a powerful sense of community and solidarity. Participants listened to and reflected upon each other's works, drawing connections between personal narratives and broader social themes. This shared experience fostered a deep sense of fellowship and mutual support.

Reclaiming La Maison Baldwin's Story: 

The week served as a pivotal moment for La Maison Baldwin, as we embraced the opportunity to reclaim and redefine our narrative. It was a time of collective healing, growth, and reaffirmation of our mission to nurture and amplify the voices of Black writers.

This transformative week in Paris was a testament to the enduring power of James Baldwin's legacy and the importance of spaces that celebrate and support Black creativity. As we look back on the residency, we are reminded of the strength found in community, the value of diverse perspectives, and the transformative potential of art to address and heal social injustices. It was a week that not only honored Baldwin's legacy but also empowered a new generation of writers to carry forward his spirit of inquiry, resistance, and profound humanism.

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