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The James Baldwin Centennial is a milestone occasion celebrating the life, work, and legacy of the iconic writer, activist, and intellectual, James Baldwin. The festival will be a momentous occasion featuring a series of lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions, and performances that reflect Baldwin's profound impact on literature, civil rights, and social justice.

Support from individuals like yourself who share our passion for literature, social justice, and cultural heritage is crucial to the success of the James Baldwin Centennial. Your contribution will help us cover the event costs to ensure an enriching and memorable experience of creativity, diversity, and intellectual stimulation about social change that resonates with Baldwin’s vision and values.

Your tax-deductible, generous donation grants recognition in our event program, on our website, and social media platforms, and exclusive access to events and opportunities to engage with speakers, artists, and other participants during the Centennial Festival. 

Vos dons nous permettent de développer et de soutenir des écrivains noirs du monde entier en l'honneur de notre sommité littéraire, James Baldwin.

Soutenez notre travail !

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